David Axelrod (Montclair State): On the Likelihood of God’s Existence: An Econometric Perspective. Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa (UBC): Faith and Epistemology. Stanislaw Judycki (Gdansk): How Do We Recognize God? The Most Important Epistemological Question of Christian Philosophy. Rene Van Woudenberg and Hans Van Eyghen (VU Amsterdam): Most Peers Don’t Believe It, Hence It Is Probably False. Jason Megill (Bentley) and Dan Linford (Purdue): On The Unimportance of Theistic Belief. Ryan Preston-Roedder (Occidental): Three Varieties of Faith. Patrick Todd (Edinburgh): Does God Have the Moral Standing to Blame? Lloyd Strickland (MMU): The Problem of Religious Evil: Does Belief in God Cause Evil? Franklin Perkins (Hawaii): Evil as a Problem in Non-Theistic Contexts. Simon Kittle (Innsbruck): Some Problems of Heavenly Freedom. God said it, I believe it, that settles it (except it doesn’t).

Why did Trump cancel summit with North Korea? Five reasons president will not meet Kim Jong Un. Joshua Keating on How Trump’s North Korea summit collapsed. South Korea responds to Trump’s sudden cancellation of Kim Jong Un summit. Trump threatens war against North Korea — and says South Korea and Japan will pay for it. Trump just canceled the North Korea summit — 9 experts explain what happens now. Donald Trump cancels North Korea summit, placing his Nobel Peace Prize in serious jeopardy. Think military strikes could stop North Korea? Try it and see. How a nuclear attack on North Korea would spark a global cancer epidemic.

The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize and the Doomsday Clock: The end of nuclear weapons or the end of us? How to be a prophet of doom: We could use a new graphic reminder of what nuclear war would mean for humanity.

Fuat Gursozlu (Loyola): Democratic Potential of Creative Political Protest. Facebook has moved billions of accounts out of reach of new European privacy rule. Mark Zuckerberg hearing shows it’s Europe — not America — Facebook should be worried about. Gopal Balakrishnan was accused of sexual harassment for years — then an anonymous online letter did what whispers couldn’t. Obama sucks as a post-president. From the American Interest, Richard Thompson Ford on social justice as distributive justice: It’s messy and open ended, like politics, where even well justified policies often involve some moral arbitrariness. What’s the biggest obstacle to Trump’s summit with Kim Jong Un? Trump. What happens if there is no Trump-Kim Jong Un summit? With medal of honor, SEAL Team 6 rewards a culture of war crimes.

Is this Playboy model keeping the biggest secret of the Trump presidency? Get to know Elliott Broidy, the next major Trump scandal figure. Hey, look: More evidence that Broidy may have been covering for Trump in that Playmate affair. “That psychopath is going down”: Inside Trumpworld, a bizarre counter-narrative takes hold. That the pre-election investigation of his corruption included the (wholly legitimate) use of an informant just makes a handy way for Trump to spin himself as the victim while he continues to pick the pockets of the American people. Most Americans don’t realize Robert Mueller’s investigation has uncovered crimes.

From the New York Times, a look at how the Mueller investigation could play out for Trump. Chris Hayes and Kate Shaw examine all the ways Trump has tested America’s legal boundaries since his inauguration, and what we can learn as a result. We need to stop talking so much about norms — because it doesn’t capture what is happening or the situation we’re in. Trump as history: Oz Frankel on moving past Trump as an individual and thinking of Trumpism as a historical and political phenomenon.

How billionaires learned to love populism: Amy Chua on what’s behind the Trump alliance between self-dealing plutocrats and blue-collar voters. John Jackson on Koch and the neo-Confederate (and more). Meet Marshall DeRosa, the Koch-funded, white supremacist professor teaching at Florida Atlantic University. Luther vs. Erasmus: Michael Massing on when populism first eclipsed the liberal elite. Perhaps the most insidious threat facing Western democracies has been the progressive decline of elite accountability and responsibility. Populism is a problem — elitist technocrats aren’t the solution. Maybe voters aren’t as uninformed as elites like to think — elitist jargon is the real issue.

What’s been stopping the Left? If progressive political parties had pursued a bolder agenda in the face of widening inequality and deepening economic anxiety, perhaps the rise of right-wing, nativist political movements might have been averted. 21st century Americanism: Populist symbolism can be powerful — but we can’t drop the old language of class. Yanis Varoufakis on the high cost of denying class war.

W. Kip Viscusi (Vanderbilt): The Fatal Failure of the Regulatory State. Venezuela just had a rigged election — it’s one step closer to becoming a failed state. White House official rewards Paul Ryan’s loyalty with talk of ousting him as speaker. David Dayen on a fitting end to Paul Ryan’s fraudulent political career. How Trump got punked by Kim Jong-Un. Thread: “As someone who was part of diplomatic talks, this story on how Trump team screwed up China negotiations is a textbook case of nearly EVERY SINGLE THING you should NOT do. Bodes badly for North Korea summit. Let’s pick it apart step by grueling step”. So far, Donald Trump has negotiated zero successful deals. All your works are belong to us: New frontiers for the derivative work right in video games.

Trump, salami tactics, and the rule of law: The constitutional crisis is that there is no “crisis”. With a huge assist from the right-wing media, Trump’s strategy could work. Brian Beutler on how the media rewards bad faith. Trump is doing same thing he demanded Clinton be locked up for. But his iPhone!

Whites have fled the Democratic Party — here’s how the nation got there. Who does the Democratic Party stand for? The primary race between two Democratic candidates for governor in Georgia exposes the larger questions facing the party. Tara Golshan on the Democrats’ new “Better Deal for Our Democracy”, explained. Turning up the heat on Trump: Dems say “culture of corruption” to be focus of midterms. Democrats have finally found their midterm message. “We’re definitely seeing unbridled enthusiasm among Democrats”: Ella Nilsen on why Democrats are suddenly competitive in deep-red Texas.

Trump’s Stalinist roots: Making personal loyalty the measure of all government, as Donald Trump does, was tried in the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin. Many are worried about the return of the “Big Lie” — they’re worried about the wrong thing. Trump doesn’t respect the independence of any institution around him. There is only one Trump scandal: The myriad Trump scandals can obscure the fact that they’re all elements of one massive tale of corruption. “There’s a common New York root to all of it. But it’s also somehow a story about early 21st century plutocracy, media barons like Murdoch, foreign kleptocrats like the ones who seem to have bought into Trump and channeled his rise to power toward their goals”. Dana Milbank on the Banana States of America: We’re living in a tyranny of buffoonery.

Why it matters when the president calls people, even violent gang members, “animals” (and more). Trump has a selective criterion for calling people “animals” — one guess what it is. The Trump era is a renaissance of half-witted intolerance. “Foster care or whatever”: Cruelty is the defining characteristic of Donald Trump’s politics and policy. Roger Cohen on the moral rot that threatens America. Talia Lavin on credulity and barbarity in the age of Trump. Theorizing about the Trump administration has become our national pastime. How to survive Trump’s presidency without losing your mind.

Natasha Piano (Chicago): “Schumpeterianism” Revised: The Critique of Elites in Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy. Larry Diamond on Malaysia’s democratic breakthrough. The recent mass shootings in the US all have one thing in common: misogyny. The Supreme Court just made it a lot harder for you to sue your employer — and helping companies get away with sexual harassment. Stopping Americans for speaking Spanish: The latest evidence that Border Patrol agents have too much power. Millions of U.S. citizens don’t speak English to one another — that’s not a problem. Trump backs away from China trade war, while a Trump development gets a $500 million Chinese loan. China is winning Trump’s trade war. Who put up the communism billboard?

Michael Cohen has become a Trumpworld pariah: “Time to keep a distance”. This is how Trump is trying to buy the loyalty of key aides in the Russia investigation. Beyond Russia: Understanding the new Trump campaign collusion story. Why the new Times report on the Gulf meeting is freaking Trump out. How Trump’s new deep state conspiracy theory emerged from the fever swamps. Thread: “Why is it a problem that Trump is using his position as president to obtain FBI reports concerning the investigation into his campaign?” Mueller is investigating Trump’s wholesale corruption of America.

Iran told: Comply with US demands or face “strongest sanctions in history”. We’re back to regime change as Iran policy. Mike Pompeo just proved the Trump administration has no plan B for Iran (and more). Pompeo’s tough talk on Iran is “how wars start”. After Trump stab in back, will Iran withdraw from the Non-Proliferation Treaty? The Iran deal is a done deal: Trump’s unilateral decision about the Iran deal has put the EU in a bind, from which it will likely prove hard to escape. Is this the dawn of a new era of nuclear proliferation? Trump is making clear that he only respects countries with the power to devastate the U.S. Will toughness on Iran help Trump with North Korea? Here are three reasons to doubt it.

Who’s to blame for the hiccup in North Korea talks? South Koreans say Bolton. Trump aides worry he doesn’t have a good grasp on the North Korea situation. Trump grappling with risks of proceeding with North Korea meeting. Trump begins to confront a difficult reality on North Korea. Kim Jong Un is the real artist of the deal, not Donald Trump. Thread: “Thoughts on Moon’s meeting with Trump”. Jeffrey D. Sachs on how denuclearization means the US, too.

Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei on Trump’s wars: The 3 most concerning possibilities. Trump’s need for instant gratification could have serious long-term consequences.