State of the resistance: Trump’s opponents understand themselves not simply as defenders of particular policy positions but as stalwarts of democracy. How Joy Reid of MSNBC became a heroine of the resistance. Lessons for #TheResistance: How to rebuild a republic without abandoning the constitutional order. America is resisting Trump’s onslaught — just don’t get cocky. Democrats’ “resistance” to Trump is eroding, and so are their poll numbers. Democrats need to win 28 seats to control the Senate — Republicans need only 8. Robert Paul Wolff on Samuel Lubell’s The Future of American Politics and a strategy for the Democratic Party for the November elections.

The Democrats’ secret weapon to take back statehouses: The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is pumping money and infrastructure into an array of legislative races — special election results suggest it’s paying off.

Steven J. Heyman (Chicago-Kent): The Light of Nature: John Locke, Natural Rights, and the Origins of American Religious Liberty. Rachel Gordan reviews Religious Freedom: The Contested History of an American Ideal by Tisa Wenger. Steven G. Calabresi (Northwestern): The Free Exercise of Religion. Douglas NeJaime and Reva Siegel (Yale): Religious Accommodation, and Its Limits, in a Pluralist Society. Noa Ben-Asher (Pace): Faith-Based Emergency Powers. Marc O. DeGirolami (St. John’s): The Two Separations. Engy Abdelkader (Rutgers): The Muslim Ban and Separation of Powers Doctrine in Trump’s America. Does religious liberty apply to all religions?

Three theories of the rise of Trump: Paul Berman on on how a cultural collapse — of civility, civic education, and decorum — brought us “the Mussolinian con man of our own moment”. The weight of the words: Jacob T. Levy on how Trump’s speech becomes part of political reality, as he and the media outlets that serve as his megaphone address the world, the US government, and the people. The unacceptable cost of “taming” Trump: If the Republicans have contained the president at all, it's because they agreed to shield him from investigation. Of course Republicans will keep letting Trump slide: They’ll line up and salute when the time comes.

Boycotting Republicans isn’t enough: What’s needed after Trump is an asymmetric fight to render the Republicans’ style of politics toxic. “Those who call for compromise and reasonable bi-partisanship fail to acknowledge that Republican politics have become entirely untethered from reality”.

Jon D. Michaels (UCLA): The American Deep State. Could the Olympics help create peace between the Koreas? The Games are a rare opportunity for diplomacy between the archenemies — but Mike Pence and others are wary. Could this madman accidentally bring peace to the Korean peninsula? Rachel Donadio on the dark consequences of Poland’s new Holocaust law (and more). The Left’s war against the New York Times: The paper has been accused of everything from electing Trump to normalizing neo-Nazis — are its liberal critics right or unreasonable? Craig Fehrman on the psychology behind Patriots fans — and all their haters. The magnetic field is shifting, the poles may flip, this could get bad: An excerpt from The Spinning Magnet: The Electromagnetic Force That Created the Modern World — and Could Destroy It by Alanna Mitchell.

Julia Belluz on how women’s reproductive rights stalled under Trump. State legislatures see flurry of activity on abortion bills. Texas state Representative Tony Tinderholt: Jailing women for abortion will make them “more personally responsible” about sex. Missouri Republican Josh Hawley says the sexual revolution caused human trafficking. Why the Trump administration wanted a teen to get a scientifically unproven “abortion reversal”. Beth Skwarecki on how “abortion reversal” is not a thing. The next head of Planned Parenthood should be a black feminist: White supremacy and misogyny are a rot in the Trump administration, and that rot is spreading.

Trump now claims the stock market is rigged against him — the buck always stops somewhere else. John Cassidy on goldilocks, Keynes, and fluctuations in the stock market. We all have a stake in the stock market, right? Guess again. Bryce Covert on the perfect depiction of why the stock market is not a measure of the economy. Everything you should know about the stock market: The market matters, for the wrong reasons. Panicking about the stock market? You’re thinking about it the wrong way (and more). Nobody knows why stocks are tanking. What investors really fear: The specter of inflation — that ever-feared and never-appeared boogeyman — is haunting Wall Street. This stock market drop is good.

Trump doesn’t get the “best people”, he gets the worst — here’s why. Trump just taught a master class in manipulating language to excuse abuse: The president’s statement on Rob Porter erased his accusers. Jacey Fortin on Trump’s history of defending men accused of hurting women. The White House had to protect Rob Porter to save Donald Trump. The core mission of the GOP is now to defend abusers. Domestic violence survivor: Rob Porter shows how far we’ll go to silence victims. A reckoning with women awaits Trump. Rob Porter is a national security scandal, too. “If you make the ‘choice’ to be gay, Christian Conservative @BryanJFischer will call for your torture. But if you make the choice to molest underage girls (Roy Moore), beat your wives (Rob Porter), or sexually assault women (Donald Trump), he will sing your praises. #FamilyValues”.