Wielding data, women force a reckoning over bias in the economics field. Justin Wolfers on evidence of a toxic environment for women in economics. The “sobering” gender and racial gap among economists is hurting everyone. The gender gap in economics has ramifications far beyond the ivory tower. Men and women in economics have different opinions: Male economists are both more right-wing and more senior. Janet Yellen didn’t set out to be a feminist hero: The Federal Reserve chair (don’t call her “chairwoman”) quietly achieved rock-star status — now that she’s leaving, her many fans are sad to see her go.

From the Journal of Interdisciplinary History of Ideas, Marcello Tanca (Cagliari): Incongruent Counterparts: Four Possible Ways of Interaction between Geography and Philosophy. Rebecca LeMoine (FAU): Is Socrates Culturally Imperialistic? Reflections on Hayek: Samuel Bowles, Alan Kirman, and Rajiv Sethi on the market algorithm and the scope of government. Deep fakes: A looming crisis for national security, democracy and privacy? Donald Trump Jr.’s tour through India is staggeringly corrupt. Why does Donald Trump Jr. sound like such a terrible asshole? A voice coach explains. Will Wilkinson on how anti-democratic populism caused the Dreamer impasse. The listening con: Liza Featherstone on how the powerful learned to launder their reputations using focus groups.

Perry Bacon on how the media bungled the John Kelly story. Reporters should leave Trump alone, argues America’s worst media critic. The Anti-Trump Book Club is a new monthly column wherein reviewer Jim Behrle will walk us through literature that’s critical of the Racist-Grandpa-in-Chief.

Students are rising up against gun violence in the aftermath of the Florida shooting: Two major protests are already scheduled for March. Everything you need to know about the absurd “crisis actor” conspiracy theory: What it is, where it came from, and what Big Tech is trying to do about it (and more and more). “I am not a crisis actor”: Florida teens fire back at right-wing conspiracy theorists. Florida shooting survivor: Trump Jr. is “immature, rude, and inhuman”. School district threatens students with lengthy suspensions for joining anti-gun walkouts. The pro-Trump media has its match in the Parkland students. The country is broken, the kids are alright: The Parkland shooting may be a sea change moment after all.

Why this round of gun-control activism feels different. After the Parkland massacre, what? A conversation between Left and Right about gun control. No, smug liberals aren’t the reason we lack sane gun laws. Here’s what Congress might actually do on gun control. Talking about gun control without passing laws is actually great for gun makers and the NRA. To beat the NRA, think like the NRA. “Fuck you, I like guns”. “There’s always a tweet”.