“The president cannot do an interview with Robert Mueller because he isn’t sane”: Martin Longman on how Trump doesn’t know fact from fiction. Is Donald Trump America’s first illiterate president? Here’s how little Americans have learned about Donald Trump. “Perfect Trumpist tweet. Combines petty victimization and ugly tribalism with thuggish vow to shatter norms and break law to restore cultural dominance”. Propping up President Trump isn’t public service: If the people serving the president in sensitive jobs really cared about their fellow citizens, they’d resign and tell their stories. Nationalize the Trump Organization: The president refuses to give up his companies — but Congress can make him do it and distribute the profits to the American people.

From Public Seminar, a book forum on The Making of Black Lives Matter: A Brief History of An Idea by Christopher Lebron, with contributions by Jenn M. Jackson, Marquis Bey, Deva Woodly, and a reply by Christopher Lebron. Who first showed us that black lives matter? Revolutionary thinkers who insisted on our status as humans gave the movement a meaning that transcends the demand to stop police brutality. Indicting the system: Stephanie Abraham interviews Patrisse Khan-Cullors, author of When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir (and more and more). Against national security citizenship: By opposing U.S. foreign policy, the Movement for Black Lives repudiated the classic idea that oppressed communities should share the same goals as the state.

Richard A. Mills (Cambridge): Pop-up Political Advocacy Communities on Reddit.com: SandersForPresident and The Donald. Moises Naim reviews Secrecy World: Inside the Panama Papers Investigation of Illicit Money Networks and the Global Elite by Jake Bernstein. Rose Troup Buchanan goes inside the network of trolls accusing a 15-year-old tweeting in Syria of being fake news. “The newsroom feels embarrassed”: Backfires and explosions at the New York Times as James Bennet, possible future chief, re-invents the paper’s opinion pages. Decolonising desire: Dalia Gebrial examines the colonial scripts that encode people in and out of the possibility of love. Chinese President Xi Jinping is set to rule his country for life.

“The hairs really went up on the back of our necks”: Former top diplomat Victoria Nuland tells the story of how she pushed the Obama administration to do more to stop Russian hacking. In Russia probes, Republicans draw red line at Trump’s finances. Robert Mueller doesn’t need a smoking gun: The latest indictments suggest a pattern of behavior on the part of Trump and his associates — the kind of pattern that brought down Richard Nixon. Robert Mueller’s distinctly American indictments: For all the talk of Kremlin puppetry, the heart of the offenses involves the startling sums of money in normal American politics. Donald Trump’s Russia accomplices: Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell knew exactly what Donald Trump was up to with Russia in 2016, and stood in the way of the government’s efforts to stop it. The biggest threat to democracy and governance is Mitch McConnell.

Why Parkland is different: The gun debate hasn’t faded away since the high school shooting, thanks to a specific set of circumstances. The Resurgent’s Erick Erickson says David Hogg is a high school bully. NRA stans ask: Who will protect us from outraged Florida shooting survivors? Urgency and insurgency: Teen activists are making adult power-brokers look compromised and clueless. Conspiracy theories flourished after the Parkland shooting: The theorists aren’t afraid of the truth — they’re afraid of where it leads. The N.R.A. lobbyist behind Florida’s pro-gun policies: Marion Hammer’s unique influence over legislators has produced laws that dramatically alter long-held American norms.

“Wayne LaPierre represents a real fascist tendency in American society”: Jeffrey Isaac on gun violence, fascism, and resistance. America doesn’t have a gun control problem — we have a white people problem. Why is our government soft on white domestic terrorism? Stop sucking up to “gun culture” — Americans who don’t have guns also matter. The gun control movement’s silent ally: The Supreme Court.

Thread: “This arming teachers ‘debate’ illustrates a structural weakness of the mainstream media that has dogged them for the entire Trump presidency, that because he is president, what he ‘proposes’ must be taken seriously, but some things should simply be mocked, dismissed, shitcanned”.

Middle America reboots democracy: Lara Putnam and Theda Skocpol spent months talking with anti-Trump forces — and they’re not who pundits say they are. Perry Bacon on how white Democrats have gotten way more liberal on identity issues. Erik Loomis on why the Left needs to be smarter, part who even knows. It’s always foolish for progressives and Democrats to fall for “bipartisanship”. David Dayen on the Elizabeth Warren model of political leadership. The President of Nowhere, USA: Pete Buttigieg could be the Democrats’ savior — if he can only find his way out of South Bend. Do Democrats really need a message? Elizabeth Drew on how a fixation on messaging could harm Democrats as they head into the 2018 midterms. The anti-Trump movement has already made profound progressive change.