Italy’s election shows European populism isn’t dead yet. The Italian implosion: Italy’s old guard is finished — but it’s not clear yet what the new guard is. Geraldina Colotti interviews Viola Carofalo and Giuliano Granato of Potere al Popolo on the current political moment in Italy. The French origins of “You Will Not Replace Us”: Thomas Chatterton Williams on the European thinkers behind the white-nationalist rallying cry. J. Lester Feder and Pierre Buet on Alain de Benoist, the man who gave white nationalism a new life. Solecism or Barbarism: Karl Ekeman on the Swedish nationalist milieu and a cultural struggle from the Right (and part 2).

Sebastian Stier, Lisa Posch, Arnim Bleier, and Markus Strohmaier (GESIS): When Populists Become Popular: Comparing Facebook Use by the Right-wing Movement Pegida and German Political Parties. Carsten Schwemmer (Bamberg): Social Media Strategies of Right-Wing Movements: The Radicalization of Pegida. It’s the Kultur, stupid: Timothy Garton Ash reviews Angst for Germany: The Truth about the AfD: Where It Comes from, Who Leads It, Where It Is Headed by Melanie Amann and The End of Germany by Rolf Peter Sieferle. How (not) to react to the far Right in Germany: Philipp Nielsen on the attempt to respond to the rise of the AfD Party. The introduction to The Extreme Gone Mainstream: Commercialization and Far Right Youth Culture in Germany by Cynthia Miller-Idriss.

Dawid Bunikowski (Eastern Finland): The Crisis in Poland, Schmittian Questions, and Kaczynski’s Political and Legal Philosophy. Wojciech Sadurski (Sydney): How Democracy Dies (in Poland): A Case Study of Anti-Constitutional Populist Backsliding. The rule of law on the peripheries of Europe: Ewa Letowska on Poland’s transformation 1988-2016. Poland’s nationalism threatens Europe’s values, and cohesion. R. Daniel Kelemen on Europe’s authoritarian equilibrium. Marc Santora on the roots of Poland’s defiance of the European Union. Hungary and Poland aren’t democratic — they’re authoritarian. As west fears the rise of autocrats, Hungary shows what’s possible. Meet white nationalism’s newest hero: Viktor Orban, The destruction of history: Hungary’s right-wing government is attempting to destroy the Georg Lukacs’s archive — and his legacy.

Robbie Skyes and Kieran Mark Tranter (Griffith): The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and Natural Law. CORE launches beta versions of the first five units of a new ebook called Economy, Society, and Public Policy. Putin showers Trump in compliments, with a catch. Adrianne Jeffries on why “blockchain” is meaningless. Citigroup drove Puerto Rico into debt — now it will profit from privatization on the island. “Maybe we shut the whole goddamn state down”: Why teachers in Red America are revolting. Thread: “Bari Weiss and Bret Stephens and Chris Cillizza have just hacked the system, that’s all. Outrage clickbait is a pretty good business model if you don’t mind being ridiculed, or think it makes you a misunderstood hero”. Jeff Sessions is wrong: Sanctuary-city advocates aren’t like secessionists — they’re like abolitionists.

Republicans supposedly investigating Trump not following Russia investigation news. If Russia owns Trump, it owns American policies. Mueller is teaching this country a lesson on the nature of corruption. About that Russia indictment: Emma Kohse and Benjamin Wittes on Robert Mueller’s legal theory and where it takes him next.

Joseph Bernstein on how PragerU is winning the right-wing culture war without Donald Trump. Conservatives who are horrified by Trump let themselves off the hook. Conservatives have only themselves to blame for Trump’s tariffs. What’s at stake as Trump replaces Gary Cohn. Trump Town: Derek Kravitz, Al Shaw and Claire Perlman track White House staffers, cabinet members and political appointees across the government. Fears of “brain drain” hit West Wing amid Trump staff exits. Shun the Trumpers: Liberals have the power to shame future politicians and operatives out of race baiting and shameless lying by writing Trumpers out of polite society. How effective is shame as a tactic? Briahna Joy Gray on the politics of shame. The problem isn’t just Trump — it’s our ignorant electorate. Under Trump, the “forgotten men and women” are still forgotten.