Victor L. Shammas (Oslo): Burying Mont Pelerin: Milton Friedman and Neoliberal Vanguardism. Charlie T. Blunden (Utrecht): Libertarianism and Collective Action: Is There a Libertarian Case for Mandatory Vaccination? Adam Gurri on finding liberty between vulnerability and coercion. Must we have cultural commitments as well as political ones? Stephanie Slade and Matt Zwolinski debate whether libertarianism is about more than the state. The “classical liberal” pivot: A new big tent for the clown show — from Paul Ryan to the YouTube right. For fancy racists, classical liberalism offers respect, intrigue. From Current Affairs, here are some puzzles for libertarians; and a review of Capitalism vs. Freedom: The Toll Road to Serfdom by Rob Larson.

Why should we care, then, about a discredited goofball ideology from deep within the last century? Because Ayn Rand–style libertarianism has probably never been more assertive in American politics than it is today.

Jeremy Pollack (CSUDH), Colin Holbrook (UC-Merced), Daniel M. T. Fessler and Adam Maxwell Sparks (UCLA), and James G. Zerbe (ASU): May God Guide Our Guns: Visualizing Supernatural Aid Heightens Team Confidence in a Paintball Battle Simulation. From the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, a special issue on Mathematics and Motherhood. India and Pakistan fight together for the first time thanks to Russia and China. Kavanaugh’s refusal to recuse disqualifies him. Judge Brett Kavanaugh should be impeached for lying during his confirmation hearings. At U.S. Open, power of Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka is overshadowed by an umpire’s power play (and more). Trump administration discussed coup plans with rebel Venezuelan officers.

If our opposition to terrorism is principled rather than performative, we might usefully focus our energies on exposing and ending our own complicity in these disciplinary forms of violence. The dominant political institutions for black and women candidates are struggling with the new wave of black and women candidates. A witch hunt or a quest for justice: An insider’s perspective on disgraced academic Avital Ronell. Avital Ronell’s new book, Complaint, is not really about the recent harassment case, writes Scott McLemee — at the same time, it’s not exactly not about it. We finally know why former GOP presidential nominee Bob Dole joined the most crooked bank in Central Asia.

Donald Haase (Wayne State): No Laughing Matter: Fairy Tales and the 2016 US Presidential Election. Ben Shapiro’s revealing explanation for Donald Trump’s rise: It’s all Obama’s fault. Bryan T. Gervais and Irwin L. Morris on how the tea party paved the way for Donald Trump. Why right-wing “populism” is a fraud: Nathan Robinson on Steve Bannon’s flailing attempts to distinguish his desired ruling billionaires from “elite” ruling billionaires. U.S. President Trump facing a “coup”: Bannon. Behind Trump’s obsession with social media suppression: Advisers have encouraged the president’s view that Silicon Valley giants are part of a wide-ranging liberal campaign to undermine his presidency.

The quest to unmask the New York Times op-ed writer has been filled with speculation — but the article’s prose points to one person in particular. Isn’t it obvious Kelly and Mattis wrote the NYT op-ed? “He’s destroying your presidency”: In the op-ed aftermath, Javanka quickly blamed John Kelly and his deputy — and a new suspect emerges. Feuds between Trump and his administration critics could produce policy catastrophe. “People better wake up to what’s going on” in the Oval Office: David Martin interviews Bob Woodward, author of Fear: Trump in the White House.

Michelle Goldberg on the corrupt bargain of the adults in the room: They’re not restraining Trump — they’re making him more powerful. How aides working to contain Trump put America at risk: By mitigating Trump’s worst excesses, they keep him in power. Helaine Olen on the GOP’s cowardice problem. Zack Beauchamp on Kavanaugh, the NYT op-ed, and the failure of Trump-skeptical Republicans. A mutiny amid the Republican Party? “Never Trump” Republicans are setting themselves up to claim victory when the Trump GOP loses control of the House of Representatives later this year.

The battle for crazytown: America’s newest live-streaming reality show features the foreign-policy establishment fighting for its life against Donald Trump. White House staffers reportedly told a psychiatrist Trump was “unraveling”. Stop talking about the 25th Amendment — it won’t work on Trump, and it might just set off a constitutional crisis. Daniel Nexon on the double crisis of the American political system.

Obama vs. Trump: The clash everyone’s waited for arrives (and more and more and more). Obama calls Trump the product of a Republican Party gone mad (and more). He’s clear on who broke things: Republicans. Obama: Just vote for a Democrat, any damn Democrat.