Dan McQuillan (Goldsmiths): Manifesto on Algorithmic Humanitarianism. Just how transparent can a criminal justice algorithm be? Imprisoned by algorithms: The dark side of California ending cash bail. Franken-algorithms: Andrew Smith on the deadly consequences of unpredictable code. When is it important for an algorithm to explain itself? Weeding our algorithmic gardens: Hallam Stevens reviews Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy by Cathy O’Neil; Machine Learners: Archaeology of a Data Practice by Adrian Mackenzie; and The Black Box Society: The Secret Algorithms That Control Money and Information by Frank Pasquale. Odd Numbers: Frank Pasquale on how algorithms alone can’t meaningfully hold other algorithms accountable. God is in the machine: The terrifying, hidden reality of Ridiculously Complicated Algorithms.

Sarah Roache and Lawrence O. Gostin (Georgetown), Charles Platkin (Hunter), and Cara Kaplan (Fordham): Big Food and Soda Versus Public Health: Industry Litigation Against Local Government Regulations to Promote Healthy Diets. U.S. officials reportedly met with dissident Venezuelan military officers, and Maduro’s regime is putting the news to use. Kim Kelly on anarchy: What it is and why pop culture loves it. Consortium of the largest science funders in Europe announce that they’ll only fund open access research. China is detaining Muslims in vast numbers — the goal is “transformation”. Cosma Shalizi reviews The Death of Expertise: The Campaign Against Established Knowledge and Why It Matters by Tom Nichols.

Giacomo Bonan (Bologna): Confronting Hardin: Trends and Approaches to the Commons in Historiography. How the Left lost Brazil: This October, the far Right may take over South America’s largest economy. From Vox, what so many men are missing about #MeToo: Sexual discrimination and abuse constitute a crisis — Louis C.K. will be fine; CBS gave Les Moonves a graceful exit he didn’t deserve; and why did it take so long for Les Moonves to leave CBS? Davey Alba on how Duterte used Facebook to fuel the Philippine drug war. Academic publishing is a mess and it makes culture wars dumber. Why a far-right party with white supremacist roots is on the rise in Sweden. Did scientists discover a new shape? Well, first we have to define “shape” — also, “new”.

From TPM, Democrats need voters’ help to fix gerrymandering — will they get it? On the sidelines of democracy: Asma Khalid, Don Gonyea, and Leila Fadel on why so many Americans don’t vote. America’s biggest conspiracy theory is real: The racist truth behind the myth of voter fraud. Carol Anderson on the Republican approach to voter fraud: Lie. Jon Green (OSU) and Sean McElwee (Columbia): The Differential Effects of Economic Conditions and Racial Attitudes in the Election of Donald Trump. President Trump and the fantasy of a race war against white people. Joanne B. Freeman on the violence at the heart of our politics.

Trump, symptom or cause? Paul Campos on tomorrow's historical revisionism today. OK, Trump’s not a fascist leader — but does his fascist rhetoric mean he’s on the way to being one? True patriots would thwart the GOP agenda Trump pushes — it’s just as scary as his “worst inclinations”. We’re doomed: Isaac Chotiner reviews Fear: Trump in the White House by Bob Woodward. Donald Trump makes the case for his own impeachment: Ezra Klein on why America can’t trust Trump’s presidency. Jerry Nadler is appropriately cautious about impeachment. The empire of disorientation: Hans Sluga on politics in the age of Trump.