Nikil Mukerji (LMU): What is Fake News? Marc Jonathan Blitz (Oklahoma City): Lies, Line Drawing and (Deep) Fake News. The imperfect truth about finding facts in a world of fakes: It used to make sense to believe something until it was debunked; now, it makes sense to assume certain claims are fake — unless they are verified. Roderick Howlett reviews A Political Theory of Post-Truth by Ignas Kalpokas. Forget fake news stories: False text posts are getting massive engagement on Facebook. Why do people fall for fake news? Why misinformation is about who you trust, not what you think. Vices of the mind: Richard Marshall interviews Quassim Cassam on fake news, conspiracy theories, and bullshit.

Keonyoung Park (Syracuse) and Hyejoon Rim (Minnesota): Social Media Hoaxes, Political Ideology, and the Role of Issue Confidence. Valeryia Mosinzova, Benjamin Fabian, and Annika Baumann (Berlin) and Tatiana Ermakova (Potsdam): Fake News, Conspiracies and Myth Debunking in Social Media: A Literature Survey Across Disciplines. Michal Bilewicz and Marta Witkowska (Warsaw), Myrto Pantazi (Oxford) Theofilos Gkinopoulos (Surrey), and Olivier Klein (ULB): Traumatic Rift: How Conspiracy Beliefs Undermine Cohesion After Societal Trauma? Matthew R. X. Dentith (Auckland): Secrecy and Conspiracy. YouTube unleashed a conspiracy theory boom — can it be contained? How a conspiracy theory about Democrats drinking children’s blood topped Amazon’s best-sellers list.

Margaret Thornton (ANU): Social Status: The Last Bastion of Discrimination. The Bloomberg bombshell the media missed: Billionaire will work to “retire every single coal plant” by 2030 and then to move America “as quickly as possible away from oil and gas”. Resisting oblivion: Kellylouise Delaney interviews Lena Herzog on documenting disappearing languages. The Mueller report no one’s talking about: Justice Department rules require an accounting of any time supervisors told the special counsel “no” during his work. The Ilhan Omar anti-Semitism controversy, explained: Why her comments about “allegiance” to Israel created such a firestorm — and why it all matters. Five reasons why Republicans won’t abandon Trump like they ditched Nixon.

From the Journal of Tourism, a symposium on the history of dark tourism. Henry Farrell on how Zuckerberg’s announcement changes everything for Facebook. Well played, Madam Speaker: The Democrats are getting the balance between investigatory zeal and caution just right so far. Why the myth of the “savage Indian” persists. Congress’s Trump investigation is going to hurt Trump, not Congress. Beset by a raging civil war and looming famine, the Central African Republic is in shambles. Every Sunday, these historians go to the movies — all in the name of digital community. Why American capital will vote R in 2020: Meet Donald Trump’s base. After decades of decline, Left parties are in the midst of a renaissance — but without a commitment to social roots in the working class, twenty-first century “digital parties” could decline just as their predecessors did.