Paul Blokker (Bologna): Populism as a Constitutional Project. Jose Rama Caamaño and Guillermo Cordero (UAM): Who are the Losers of the Economic Crisis? Explaining the Vote for Rightwing Populist Parties in Europe after the Great Recession. Leslie C Gates (Binghamton): Populism: A Puzzle without (and for) World-Systems Analysis. Timothy Stacey (Leiden): Beyond Populist Politics: Why Conventional Politics Needs to Conjure Myths of its Own and Why It Struggles to Do So. Anton Jager reviews Le Retour des populismes: L’Etat du monde 2019, ed. Bertrand Badie and Dominique Vidal. After a rocky 2018, populism is down but far from out in the West. Why populist movements eventually lose their appeal. The introduction to Populism: A Historiographic Category?, ed. Chiara Chini and Sheyla Moroni.

Emmanouil Mavrozacharakis (Crete): Populism and Democracy: An Ambiguous Relationship. Diego A. von Vacano (Texas A&M): American Caudillo: Princely Performative Populism and Democracy in the Americas. What populists do to democracies: Populist governments have deepened corruption, eroded individual rights, and inflicted serious damage on democratic institutions. Could populism actually be good for democracy? A wave of populist revolts has led many to lose faith in the wisdom of people power — but such eruptions are essential to the vitality of modern politics. Is the groundswell of popular discontent in Europe and the Americas what’s really threatening democracy? Reclaiming populism: Lisa Disch reviews Populism’s Power: Radical Grassroots Democracy in America by Laura Grattan and The Global Rise of Populism: Performance, Political Style, and Representation by Benjamin Moffitt.

Amy Berg (RIC): Effective Altruism: How Big Should the Tent Be? Atte Harjanne (Aalto BIZ) and Janne Korhonen (TSE): Abandoning the Concept of Renewable Energy. “Algeria is a republic”: The Algerian state is in crisis. Algeria’s president won’t run for a fifth term — it’s a huge win for protesters. Scott McLemee reviews some of the books now being published by university presses, many of which seem to predict our world in the upcoming decade. Will there be smoking guns in the Mueller report? Nora Caplan-Bricker on the challenge of preserving the historical record of #MeToo. All worldbuilding, without exception, is political. Dressing up for air travel: In defense of looking nice on a flight or train. How much immigration is too much?

Marcus Arvan (Tampa): The Simulation Hypothesis and Meta-Problem of Everything. Sergio Verdugo (UDD): How Can Judges Challenge Incumbent Dictators and Get Away With It? Defying US borders, Native Americans are asserting their territorial rights. The 500-year-long science experiment: In 2014, microbiologists began a study that they hope will continue long after they’re dead. The Western erasure of African tragedy: Media coverage of the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 framed a horrifying accident in appallingly familiar ways. The existential status of The Simpsons: Dominic Pettman on pondering the Homeric dasein of Springfield. Nirupama Rao on how India and Pakistan can step back from the brink of war.