From the Washington Monthly, Russia explains everything about Donald Trump; why Putin should be thrilled with Trump’s performance; and how would this look different if Putin were giving Trump his marching orders? Trump’s policies paying off for man who helped make him president: Vladimir Putin. Trump is making the case that he’s Putin’s puppet. Trump is fulfilling Russia’s dream of splitting the western alliance. We’ve got a problem, a big problem: “If candidate Trump and President Putin had made a corrupt bargain which obligated President Trump to destabilize all U.S. security and trade alliances (especially NATO, which has been Russia’s primary strategic goal for 70 years) and advance the strategic interests of Russia, there’s really nothing more remotely realistic he could have done to accomplish that than what he has in fact done”.

Timothy Horley (Virginia): Rethinking the Heckler’s Veto After Charlottesville. Victor Shammas (Oslo): The State as God: On Bourdieu’s Political Theology. Anthony Bourdain’s death is one in a growing public health tragedy. Speaking of despair: How much can suicide hotlines do? Weaponizing children: The president is wielding parental love and fear for political gain. Republicans want to use the census to radically change political representation. Census memo: Adding citizenship question will cost at least $27.5M. Vanity Foul: In celebrity profiles, the puff piece makes way for the power piece. Trump: I’ll know whether Kim summit will be successful “in first minute”. The introduction to The Political Sublime by Michael J. Shapiro.

The astonishing tale of the man Mueller just indicted: One of the most shocking revelations from the special counsel’s investigation is the suggestion that Paul Manafort’s longtime aide Konstantin Kilimnik is a pawn of Russian intelligence.

From Foreign Affairs, Adam S. Posen on the post-American world economy: Globalization in the Trump Era. Sara A. Dillon (Suffolk): Getting the “Message” on Free Trade: Globalization, Jobs and the World According to Trump. Paul Krugman on a trade war primer. Why steel tariffs matter: The economic impact will probably be minimal — but boy do they throw a wrench into existing trade treaties. Trump is waging a trade war in the dumbest way possible. Trump threatens to end all trade with allies. Trump’s blasts upend G-7, alienating oldest allies. Trump is trying his usual bully tactics at G7 — but they won’t work. G-7’s iconic photo shows its success, depending on the angle.

Kenneth Lasson (Baltimore): The Decline of Free Speech on the Postmodern Campus: The Troubling Evolution of the Heckler’s Veto. Scott Jaschik interviews Keith E. Whittington, author of Speak Freely: Why Universities Must Defend Free Speech. Higher education is struggling to balance the demand by some students to be protected from offensive speech while guaranteeing freedom of speech to others. From NYRB, Jeremy Waldron reviews Free Speech on Campus by Sigal R. Ben-Porath; Free Speech on Campus by Erwin Chemerinsky and Howard Gillman; We Demand: The University and Student Protests by Roderick A. Ferguson; Safe Spaces, Brave Spaces: Diversity and Free Expression in Education by John Palfrey; and The Case for Contention: Teaching Controversial Issues in American Schools by Jonathan Zimmerman and Emily Robertson.

Kamala Kelkar goes inside the “free speech” debate that rocked a Wisconsin campus, with ripples across the country. State of conflict: How a tiny protest at the U. of Nebraska turned into a proxy war for the future of campus politics. The invisible free speech crisis: Why is there so much focus on no-platforming at elite universities, when hundreds of colleges across America regularly suppress speech? There is no campus free speech crisis: A close look at the evidence. The Right is worse than the Left on free speech — so what? The First Amendment is better off than you might think.

“Speed dating”: Critics worry Trump is already handing propaganda victories to North Korea. Trump just made 3 shocking statements about North Korea — yes, even worse than normal. Robert E. Kelly on Trump’s North Korean nuclear theatrics. The report keeps coming up that North Korea will be asked to (or will consider) giving up some of its nuclear weapons as a goodwill gesture — it’s not going to happen. North Korea nuclear disarmament could take 15 years, expert warns. Philip W. Yun on Trump’s best option for denuclearizing North Korea. Bolton is right: Apply the Libya model to North Korea. What comes next on North Korea?

Trump’s North Korea summit could actually lead to a deal — it could also lead to catastrophe. Trump brags he doesn’t need to prepare for North Korea summit on nukes. Just days ahead of summit, Team Trump is winging it on North Korea. “This sounds right”.

Frederic Vandenberghe (UERJ): Sociology as Moral Philosophy (and Vice Versa). Imagination and interpretation: Alexandros Schismenos on the dialogue between Cornelius Castoriadis and Paul Ricoeur. Women outnumber men in Spain’s historic new government. Trump wanted to make Fox News pundit Jeanine Pirro a Supreme Court Justice. President Trump still way too lazy to do his job. Donald Trump’s trade policy violates every rule of strategy. Why it matters that Bill Clinton hasn’t really apologized to Monica Lewinsky. Mick Mulvaney fires all 25 members of consumer watchdog’s advisory board. Why are (some) Star Wars fans so toxic? Climate change killed the aliens, and it might kill us too, new simulation suggests.

Elizabeth drew on how the number of Trump’s impeachable offenses keeps growing. Is there a danger in normalizing impeachment talk? Jennifer Rubin interviews Laurence A. Tribe and Joshua Matz, authors of To End a Presidency: The Power of Impeachment (and more). Will the fervor to impeach Donald Trump start a Democratic civil war? A push to remove the President from office may lead to disaster in the midterms. Mega-donor Tom Steyer is forcing Democrats to talk impeachment — is it a losing strategy? “There is no deux ex machina clause in the constitution”: Dahlia Lithwick on why Democrats shouldn’t impeach Donald Trump if they win the House. Why Congress wouldn’t impeach Trump for shooting James Comey. Rudy Giuliani concedes that impeachment is coming. Mueller won’t decide Trump’s fate, only the American public can.

Aeyal Gross (Tel Aviv): Homoglobalism: The Emergence of Global Gay Governance; and Gay Governance: A Queer Critique. Artem Patalakh (Milan): Promotion of LGBTI Rights Overseas: An Overview of EU and US Experiences. From Iran Namag, Amy Tahani-Bidmeshki (Occidental): Queering the Iranian Nation: Be Like Others and Resistance to Heteronormative Nationalism; and Junaid Jahangir (MacEwan) and Hussein Abdullatif (Alabama): Homosexuality, the Emerging New Battleground in Islam. Jonathan Corpus Ong (UMass): Queer Cosmopolitanism in the Disaster Zone: “My Grindr Became the United Nations”. The gay conspirators: Dustin Friedman reviews Homintern: How Gay Culture Liberated the Modern World by Gregory Woods.

Scott Skinner-Thompson (Colorado): The First Queer Right. Michael Bronksi on Charles “Charley” Shively, the last gay liberationist. Why queer teachers like Stacy Bailey should absolutely have a “gay agenda” in the classroom. Michael Harriot on the “gay agenda”, explained. Inclusion in the atrocious: A diversity agenda is morally meaningless unless we examine the institutions we are diversifying. Supreme Court cake ruling inspires hardware store owner to put up a “No Gays Allowed” sign. I thought gay rights were safe — now I know I was wrong. An interview with Katie Batza, author of Before AIDS Gay Health Politics in the 1970s. The introduction to the Routledge History of Queer America, ed. Don Romesburg. Fenton Johnson on the future of queer: A manifesto.

From the Journal of Economic Perspectives, a symposium on Housing. The great housing reset: The rise of renting in the U.S. isn’t just about high housing prices, or preferences for city living, but about the flexibility to compete in today’s economy. You’re not a progressive if you’re also a NIMBY: Robert Gammon on why housing is a liberal imperative. A tangle for the anti-development left: Benjamin Ross on how housing debates have long been a mess of ideological contradictions. Bryce Covert on the deep, uniquely American roots of our affordable-housing crisis. Why isn’t homelessness seen as a national crisis?

Indrek Reiland (Barcelona): Constitutive Rules: Games, Language, and Assertion. From Review of Contemporary Philosophy, thinking in action: Alina N. Feld interviews Richard Kearney. Trump is choosing Eastern Europe: The real meaning of the mini-crises sparked by his ambassador to Germany. Helaine Olen on why Howard Schultz shouldn’t run for president. Alice Johnson deserved a commutation — but the way Trump granted it is a disaster. Casey Michael on the puzzling prominence of the Twitter-famous Krassenstein brothers. Dennis Rodman could help avert nuclear annihilation. Jia Tolentino on the fiends and the folk heroes of grifter season. Corruption allegations against EPA’s Pruitt reach farcical level. The introduction to How to Think Like an Anthropologist by Matthew Engelke.