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San Marino

  • How to Organize Math Homework at High School

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    ">Math Homework</a> is a key part of every student’s education but for most of them, it is the least looked forward to activity at the end of the day. Homework may seem frustrating for students as it happens without your presence. Once the school day is over, they’re on their own with just the final word requiring them to get it done.

    But, there are always great hacks that can make math homework more interesting for the students and avoid asking who will do my math homework for me? No matter what age you’re teaching, there is a strategy here to make sure the task is a little more enjoyable. Here’s how.

    • Consider their choices and interests

    The secret to homework success is to make it fun, relevant and interesting. If you want students to be motivated to do homework, include what they know and offer choices to ensure they are more involved in decision making. You can engage them in a poll and find out what topic they are interested in and create a way to integrate these topics into their homework. This way, they’re more likely to complete the assignment on time.

    • Keep it short and precise

    The purpose of doing homework is to practice the concept learned in class. The time and frequency depend on the purpose of the assignment. According to the National PTA, 10 to 20 minutes of homework time are recommended for first graders, then an additional 10 minutes for every other grade thereafter. Students at the 12th grade need at least 120 minutes of homework. For some student, this may be too long and they may get bored. So having shorter and more frequent assignments can be very effective.

    • Create a working atmosphere for homework

    With all the fun activities that may be taking place in school, it can be hard for students to concentrate on their homework assignments. As the teacher, you set the pace for your classroom. Teach your students how to find the right place to do their work and how to do it. You can have them do their work over the lunch hour and watch them.

    • Incentivize

    Students love incentives. It is fun and motivates them to do their assignments quickly and consistently. The reward can be practical where if students submit their work on time, then the class receives a trip or a fun activity. This can be educational, recreational or whatever you may decide with the school as long as it works best for the students. It motivates the student and they will be willing to take on the next homework assignment and deliver excellent results.

    It all comes down to encouraging and motivating students to love homework. These tips will help them become proactive and more organized students. This will ensure they reach their potential instead of avoiding homework.