Encounters with Marx

Jacques Lezra (UC-Riverside): On the Nature of Marx’s Things. Dick Howard (Stony Brook): New Left Encounters with Marx. Dimitri Dimoulis (Sao Paulo) and Soraya Lunardi (UNESP): The Law of Capital: Functions of the Legal System from Marx’s Capital, to the European “Debt Crisis”. Michael R. Kratke (Lancaster): Marx and World History. Pete Green reviews The Unfinished System of Karl Marx: Critically Reading Capital as a Challenge for our Times, ed. Judith Dellheim and Frieder Otto Wolf. Are Marx’s

Paper Trail

Moira Donegan is writing a book. The still-untitled book was bought by Scribner and will be a “primer on sexual harassment and assault as a lived experience” and explore the “moral and political challenge” that it presents for feminists. The Cut talks to Robbie Kaplan, the lawyer defending Donegan in the lawsuit brought against her


The Roots of the Alt-right

Mike WendlingDuring the last presidential election cycle, you may have read reports describing the alt-right—a loosely organized group of anti-PC, anti-feminist, race-obsessed online warriors—as a strange, newly

Daily Review

Strike Your Heart

No working writer believes in the shattering power of an encounter—with another person, with a new sensation, with possibility—more than Amélie Nothomb, the prolific Paris-based Belgian who’s published a novel a year since 1992’s Hygiène de l’assassin (rendered in English as Hygiene and the Assassin, though a more accurate title would be The Assassin’s Purity).


Deborah Eisenberg

Over the span of thirty-two years, Deborah Eisenberg has produced five short-fiction collections, each more emotionally thoughtful and rigorous than the last. Like her past work, Eisenberg’s newest collection, Your Duck Is My Duck, requires not just a reader’s utmost attention, but also a willingness to be vulnerable and receptive. Rather than concern themselves with plot in an obvious way, the stories tend to chase abstract questions and explore how time impacts those pursuits.


Bookforum: "Bleeding Hearts"



Jessica Hopper

Saturday was the Hold Steady video. It is a good thing not all one hundred people showed up because we had room for about thirty-three total. People later said they did not show because filming video is waiting around for twenty hours to act fake-excited in one-minute spurts.