Finance capital and its discontents

Nathan Coombs and Arjen van der Heide (Edinburgh): How Finance Became Financialized: The Calculative and Regulatory Consequences of Risk Management. Juhani T. Linnainmaa (USC), Brian Melzer (FRB), and Alessandro Previtero (Indiana): The Misguided Beliefs of Financial Advisors. Who is watching Wall Street? Stock buybacks are on the rise, and they are shortchanging workers and undermining our economy like never before. Can divesting from America’s big financial institutions help fix racial inequality?

Paper Trail

After facing criticism for publishing a first-person essay by Jian Ghomeshi, Ian Buruma has left the New York Review of Books, the New York Times reports. Buruma told Dutch website Vrij that he felt forced to resign after publisher Rea Hederman “made clear to me that university publishers, whose advertisements make publication of The New


The Roots of the Alt-right

Mike WendlingDuring the last presidential election cycle, you may have read reports describing the alt-right—a loosely organized group of anti-PC, anti-feminist, race-obsessed online warriors—as a strange, newly

Daily Review


Andrea Kleine’s novel opens with the confluence of two distinctly tabloid anxieties: divorce and kidnapping. Hope and her half-sister, Eden, latchkey kids of the 1990s, have grown up trekking back and forth between their home in Charlottesville and their father’s new


Michelle Dean

At first, it might be hard to see the connection between the ten critics profiled in Michelle Dean’s Sharp. Writers such as Dorothy Parker, Mary McCarthy, Susan Sontag, Hannah Arendt, Janet Malcolm, and Nora Ephron were singular talents—each an uneasy fit for any neat label. What links them, Dean writes, was that they were “sharp”—the word was often used as an insult—and possessed a keen critical facility that was underappreciated at the time but has become extremely influential.



Jessica Hopper

Saturday was the Hold Steady video. It is a good thing not all one hundred people showed up because we had room for about thirty-three total. People later said they did not show because filming video is waiting around for twenty hours to act fake-excited in one-minute spurts.