Issues in advanced artificial intelligence

Luciano Floridi (Oxford): What the Near Future of Artificial Intelligence Could Be. Nick Bostrom (Oxford): Ethical Issues in Advanced Artificial Intelligence. From Vox, Kelsey Piper on the AI breakthrough that won the “Nobel Prize of computing”: Three researchers helped take deep learning mainstream — and transformed the world; how will AI change our lives? Experts can’t agree — and that could be a problem; and some AI just shouldn’t exist: Attempts to “fix” biased AI can actually harm black,

Paper Trail

Three months before technology news site The Markup’s expected launch, editor in chief Julia Angwin has been let go from the Craig Newmark–funded project that she helped found with Sue Gardner and Jeff Larson. Angwin says that she was pushed out by Gardner after she refused to “change the site’s mission to ‘one based on


Learning from Beyoncé

Kevin AllredBeyoncé Knowles-Carter makes perfect pop songs that also lend themselves to nuanced discussion of race, gender, sexuality, class, feminism, social justice, and so much more. For the past decade, I have

Daily Review

The Socialist Manifesto: The Case for Radical Politics in an Era of Extreme Inequality

Bhaskar Sunkara’s Socialist Manifesto begins by entering an imaginary world. It’s 2018 and “you” are a die-hard fan of Jon Bon Jovi, “the most popular and critically acclaimed musician of this era.” So devoted are you to the singer-songwriter that you’ve found work at


T Kira Madden

T Kira Madden grew up queer and biracial in Boca Raton, Florida, the only child of parents battling drug and alcohol addictions, In her widely-lauded debut memoir, Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls, she details her coming-of-age and her search, admist such volatile circumstances, for connection and stability, She often finds those things—or semblances of them—in unlikely places.


Bookforum: "Fool That I Am"


A Writer for Our Time

Joshua Sperling

In the mid 1970s John Berger began a new life—and a new family—in a small mountain village outside Geneva in the Haute-Savoie. He was close to fifty. At first he and Beverly Bancroft did not live in the village of Quincy itself, but up the road in an old farmhouse.