Over and over

Gro Mjeldheim Sandal (Bergen), Fons J. R. van deVijver (Tilburg), and Nathan Smith (Manchester): Psychological Hibernation in Antarctica. The Medicare-for-all paradox: Passing single-payer means disrupting health insurance for 160 million people who get coverage through their jobs. Brexit Britain — small, boring and stupid: The UK better get used to being a middling power. British officials line up for second referendum. Sarah Grant and Chuck Rosenberg on the Steele dossier: A retrospective. How

Paper Trail

The Morning News is getting ready for its annual literary competition the Tournament of Books, in which a group of critics pit books directly against each other, with the winners moving ahead, bracket-style, until the final book is left standing. Competitions start in March, but the eighteen finalists that will compete, along with the judges,


Outrageous Clarity: The Fictions of Amélie Nothomb

Charlotte ShaneWith Amélie Nothomb’s latest, Strike Your Heart, the Francophone author of twenty-five books seems to have finally found some of the American attention she deserves. (I’m basing this assessment in part

Daily Review

Fighting Words

Early one morning in February 2012, as the Syrian army was pounding the besieged city of Homs into submission, artillery fire crashed around a building in the embattled district of Baba Amr. As rocket fire closed in, the handful of foreign journalists and activists who’d been using the building as a makeshift media center panicked.


John Keene

The writer, translator, and poet John Keene has long married a daringly experimental style with a commitment to stories that are usually omitted by history’s ellipses. It’s an approach tangible in his work as a translator, where Keene has long expounded the need for English editions of black diasporic authors.


Bookforum: "Bleeding Hearts"


The Great Divide: Russia and the West

Tony Wood

The events of the past few years have created a glaring divide between Russia and the West, How and why did this happen, In the West, the story of how relations with Russia descended to their current abysmal level is often told as one of an ominous drift, under Putin, back toward a Soviet-style showdown between Moscow and its former adversaries—prompting many to conclude that the two sides found themselves waging a ‘New Cold War’.