For the first time in a decade, Time magazine has put a living author on its cover: Jonathan Franzen. Anyone with an Internet can see an abbreviated version of the article, titled "Great American Novelist." For the full version, you need to buy the magazine at a newsstand or on your iPad.

Charlotte Roche

Move over Justin Bieber: Rolling Stone has announced that Jay-Z's memoir, Decoded, will be published by Spiegel & Grau on November 16.

German novelist Charlotte Roche's international bestseller Wetlands (published in the U.S. in 2009) is about 18-year-old Helen Memel, a sex addict admitted to a hospital for an anal fissure, who, while she's not picking and eating her scabs, recalls things like the time she left a used tampon on an elevator. Now, Swiss author Bruno Barett is publishing Responding to Wetlands, a semi-fictional book in which he pretends to meet Helen and psychoanalyze her. We were going to write a similar book about American Psycho's Patrick Bateman, but some characters are better left unexamined.

Time Magazine offers its list of the top-10 failed celebrity campaigns, and leading the group is Norman Mailer, who ran for mayor in 1960 and (with writer Jimmy Breslin) for city council president in 1969. He failed both times, but his slogans—"No More Bull" and "Throw the Rascals In"—live on.

In the latest publishing shakeup, Simon & Schuster has reorganized its publicity and marketing departments (and let go executive publicity director Victoria Meyer). Schuster's new structure will be less hierarchical, creating small "teams" of publicists, editors, and marketers, who will be assigned to specific books.