Reif Larsen

Tonight, Bookforum and Villa Gillet present “Starting from Here: Every Place Tells a Story,” at the French Institute Alliance Franšaise in Manhattan. Panelists include American writers Reif Larsen and Peter Turchi, French author Philippe Vasset, and French geographer Michel Lussault. Moderated by Bookforum co-editor Albert Mobilio, the participants will discuss the ways in which maps and stories narrate a sense of place.

Yesterday morning at the Guggenheim, Rupert Murdoch successfully launched his iPad newspaper, The Daily (the only hitch was when a reporter from a rival news organization asked Murdoch an uncomfortable question).

There’s a heated debate at the Columbia Journalism Review, where author Philip Gourevitch takes exception to a recent CJR article that claims Gourevitch “softens some hard truths” about Rwanda. Gourevitch writes: “CJR—on the defensive and after the fact—has invited me to respond. But what can you say about a piece that is such a porridge of innuendo and insinuation, misrepresentations and deliberate distortions? Its claim that controversy boils around me is conspicuously unsubstantiated.”

Jacket Copy’s Carolyn Kellogg gives newbies the lowdown on this week’s Association of Writing Programs (AWP) conference.