On channel Thirteen’s Bookish blog, there’s an article with many choice quotes from Zadie Smith’s fascinating recent talk at NYU. Among our favorites: “The novelist has to cultivate the filthy, stupidity, awkwardness . . . things that seem beneath contempt, like love, the tediousness of love.”

Roberto Bolano

Daniel Nester—a poet and the high priest of inappropriateness—analyzes data about the survival rates of literary magazines.

The Paris Review announces its Spring issue, which will feature an interview with Janet Malcolm, fiction by Joshua Cohen, and the first installment of a serialized novel by Roberto Bolano.

At Guernica magazine, former Harper’s editor Robert D. Hodge says, “I despair for the future of Harper’s Magazine.” To survive, he argues, the magazine will have to “exploit the full resources of its non-profit status; the magazine must raise funds on the web, it must hold galas and auctions and conferences. It must make use of the enormous reservoir of good will that liberal-minded Americans . . . feel for this institution.”

The iPad 2 is in production.

Flavorwire has posted its list of top literary outlaws. Does James Frey really deserve to be in the same category as Oscar Wilde? Discuss.