Andrew O’Hagan

Meet the alleged ghostwriter of Julian Assange’s forthcoming memoir: Novelist and critic Andrew O’Hagan, whose significant list of accomplishments include conducing a public interview with Norman Mailer and writing a novel from the point of view of Marylin Monroe’s dog.

The story behind how twenty four year old Alexandra Kleeman had her debut short story, “Fairy Tale,” published in the Paris Review.

James Wolcott reports that he’s received an alarming email from Martin Amis, asking Wolcott to provide him and his wife a place to crash, because he’s “being persecuted in his native land and their new place in Brooklyn isn't ‘move-in ready.’” Why the persecution? It seems Amis’s recent comments about children’s books have not been taken kindly in England, Wolcott reports, adding wryly: “Entire villages have risen up in wrath and occupied Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square too, demanding that he recant or face witch trial for being conceited.”

Apple has added magazine subscriptions to the app store (until now you could only buy one e-issue at a time). Apple will take a 30 percent cut of revenue from new subscriptions, while publishers will keep all the money from existing subscriptions—for now, at least.

What’s your top score in the Great Gatsby Nintendo game, old sport?