Steve Erickson

Here’s a cheerful thought by Rudolph Delson, from the forthcoming anthology The Late American Novel: Writers on the Future of Books (edited by the folks at The Millions and including an all-star lineup of contributors): “Most of the best books will be written only after you and I are both dead.”

Via the Paris Review, an intriguing exchange between PR poetry editor Robyn Creswell and a blogger known only as the “Angry Arab,” about Egyptian literature.

Last week, Elif Batuman gave a lecture at the British Museaum about literature and accounting, as the Granta blog explains: “She set up writing and life as a 'credit/debit' relationship: writing takes time, but you need to take time away from writing to have something to write about. So how do writers negotiate their time-accounts?”

Steve Erickson’s next novel, These Dreams of You, will be published by Europa Books in 2012.

Comedian Michael Showalter (Mr. Funny Pants) will be reading tonight at BookCourt. Laughs—perhaps even hijinks—are almost certainly guaranteed.