Joanna Yas

Editor Thomas Beller details the history of the recently closed literary magazine Open City, which he co-edited with Joanna Yas: “It’s a magazine, it’s over, life will go on. But there was a lot of life in it. A lot of death, too. Thirty issues in twenty years. A lot of life pressed into those pages.”

When are we going to see the much-anticipated New York Times’s paywall? The paper’s own Public Editor, Arthur Brisbane, wanted to know, but the best answer he could get was this exasperated response from the Times’s Media Editor: “We still don’t know exactly when the paywall is going up, how much it will cost readers or how many free hits readers will get before hitting the wall. Those are the critical questions we want answered—and believe me, we have asked.” Perhaps the Times is waiting to see how the new paywall at the Dallas Morning News pans out?

If you’re in New York, tonight marks the beginning of the four-night reading of There Is No Year by Blake Butler, the seemingly tireless author of cult favorites Ever and Scorch Atlas and frequent blog posts at HTML Giant. Readers participating in the tag-team marathon event include Justin Taylor, Ben Greenman, Rachel Shukert, Giancarlo DiTrapano, and the author himself.

From Moby Lives, a report on World Book Night, held this weekend in London’s Trafalgar Square.