Former CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson has signed a deal with Penguin Group to write a series of international spy novels.

Sasha Grey

Is the era of free content coming to an end? After yesterday’s announcement that the New York Times pay-wall was finally happening, came a press release from the Newspaper Guild urging unpaid bloggers at the Huffington Post to withhold their writing in solidarity with a strike by the Visual Arts Source, a writer’s organization who are refusing to provide free work.

Mary Ellen Bute’s mid-sixties film adaptation, Passages from James Joyce's Finnegans Wake (with subtitles, natch), is available on Ubu Web and is an exceedingly odd retro romp, and a pleasure to watch, though we don’t recommend it if you’re nursing a post-St. Patrick’s Day hangover. [via Harriet]

On Monday, March 28 at Housing Works, author Brandon Stosuy, who edited the anthology of downtown-New York writing Up Is Up but So Is Down, will talk with porn icon and Entourage guest star Sasha Grey about her new book of photos and essays, Neu Sex. You can rsvp now.

There are eight million stories in the Naked City, and a new GPS–based audio sharing service, Broadcastr, aims to let you listen to them all—or add one—customized to your location in the city’s grid.

Was Samsa a bug? Was Kafka Samsa? Does that mean that Kafka was a bug? Can Kafka be Samsa-as-bug without becoming, himself, a bug? Would Kafka have to first become a bug before becoming Samsa? Or could Kafka become a bug first who, then, in an effort to understand his humanity, ‘becomes’ Samsa?” Joshua Cohen, who contributes a story to the new issue of The Paris Review, interviews his interviewer, Moe Tkacik.

PW’s Parul Sehgal had moving things to say about the art of book reviewing in her acceptance speech for the National Book Critic Circle’s Balakian Award.