James Carroll, photo by Patricia Pingree

Colson Whitehead’s forthcoming postapocalyptic book, Zone One, is a zombie novel.

From CBS News, a video profile of Benedikt Taschen, the print book publisher flourishing by creating luxe volumes in lean times.

At PWxyz, Laura Miller has some intriguing insights into the current state of book reviewing, especially the oft-debated question of the purpose of panning a book: “It’s bad when an author gets a bad review he or she doesn’t deserve, but it’s bad for the overall ecology of book reviews, if a reviewer gives a book an unduly positive review. It establishes a climate of bad faith. . . . That’s one reason that professional reviews are becoming extinct: people don’t trust them.”

Tonight at the Brandeis House James Carroll will discuss his new book, Jerusalem, Jerusalem: How the Ancient City Ignited Our Modern World.