Lisa Dierbeck

As Borders goes bankrupt, its top executives may get big bonuses.

The Financial Times profiles Mischief + Mayhem, a writer’s collective including novelists Dale Peck and Lisa Dierbeck (among others) who plan to bypass Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and reach readers through OR Books and some independent bookstores.

Ayelet Waldman tweeted a screed about Katie Roiphe: “Really Roiphe? You seek ‘slightly greater obsession w/ the sublime sentence.’ My husband's sentences are INFINITELY more sublime than yours.” (etc.) The New York Observer is calling it a battle “with no winners,” which is actually a fair description of any Twitter tussle.

So, you’re into Gordon Lish: You’ve read the work he edited for Raymond Carver, Barry Hannah, Cynthia Ozick, and others. You’ve checked out the claim that he radically altered Carver’s work, and read some of Lish’s own fiction. But you’re not a true Lish obsessive until you’ve visited Gordon Lish Edited This: Forgotten and Ignored Books Edited by Gordon Lish 1978-1994, which even includes a Lish rejection letter. [via HTMLGIANT]

The new film Limitless, in which a writer takes smart drugs and becomes extremely prolific, provides Laura Miller with an opportunity to critique Hollywood’s long-standing stereotype of the blocked writer.