Shed Simove

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has become the first e-book to sell more than a million copies.

Shed Simove’s book, What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex, made it into Amazon’s top 50 bestsellers. It is a quick read, though, since every page is completely blank. Simove ponders his prank's ramifications for authors and the publishing industry.

When thinking of 1970s punk, places like London and New York come to mind, but perhaps not Cleveland, Ohio. On Saturday, the powerHouse arena in Brooklyn is hosting the Cleveland Confidential Book Tour, revealing a suprisingly vibrant late-70s DIY scene. The panel is moderated by author and critic Luc Sante, and features 70s punk legend Cheetah Chrome of the band the Dead Boys, among other punk pioneers.

The Awl has posted three poems by editor and author Craig Morgan Teicher, the latest addition to the site’s deftly curated poetry section, edited by Mark Bibbins.

Natalie Portman’s father, Dr. Avner Hershlag, has a self-published novel, Misconception, which is reportedly piquing some interest at New York publishing firms. The Observer presents some riveting excerpts.