James Joyce with Sylvia Beach at Shakespeare and Co. in 1920.

Happy 75th birthday, New Directions!

Thomas Pynchon’s Manhattan Beach, California duplex is on the market for a cool $1.05 million. FSG wonders if it “smells like weed and genius.”

Paris Review editor Lorin Stein sends his staff a postcard from Paris: “My hosts at Shakespeare & Co. kindly booked me a room around the corner from the famous shop. Mine is the best room the Hotel Esmeralda has to offer, and one of the highest, smelling faintly but not unpleasantly of blow-dryer and dead mouse. It is five flights up.”

From the Lapham’s Quarterly food issue: the cheese (Limburger, specifically) stands alone.

The New York Times sends book critic Dwight Garner to the ballet.

Finally, in your UK phone hacking roundup: Rupert Murdoch drops his bid for British Sky Broadcasting, police arrest another former News of the World editor; and Murdoch, his son James, and former News of the World executive Rebekah Brooks agree to testify next week before a British parliamentary panel. Meanwhile, The Guardian continues its fantastic blog coverage of the story, a Reuters columnist apologizes for writing an incorrect article about News Corp’s taxes (the corporation paid $4.8 billion in taxes between 2007 and 2010, it did not receive that amount, as the article originally suggested), ProPublica explains how reporters’ bribes in the UK can violate American law, and the New York Times’ s David Carr argues that the antidote to a toxic media culture is more good journalism.