Miranda July (Photo credit: Yvan Rodic/FaceHunter).

New Yorkers! If you're not busy occupying Wall Street (or if you are, and need a break) come hear Bookforum editor Chris Lehmann read from his book Rich People Things and share his thoughts on "the predator class" at McNally Jackson tonight at 7.

An Italian court has overturned a 26-year prison sentence against Amanda Knox for allegedly murdering her British roommate while on a study-abroad program in Perugia. Knox, who has spent the past four years in prison, hasn’t said what she plans to do next, but according to her family, a book deal is likely.

Many reviews have pointed out the similarities between Leonard—the bandana-wearing, tobacco-chewing character in Jeffrey Eugenides's novel The Marriage Plot—and David Foster Wallace. Not so, says Eugenides: He was thinking more of the Axl Rose-ish, hacky sack playing guys who frequented the co-op during his college years.

St. Martin's Press will reportedly publish the inside story of the Dominique Strauss-Kahn “incident.”

In the New Yorker, Miranda July reflects on a youth spent shoplifting.

Ari Melber provides a precis of Jonathan Franzen’s recent talk with David Remnick, at which the Freedom author recalled telling Obama that Nixon was the “last liberal president,” and revealed that he is adapting The Corrections for HBO.

Electric Literature has handed out its latest batch of Critical Hit Awards. The recipients include Elaine Blair, whose excellent review of Nicholson Baker’s House of Holes earned her the Best Straight Face award, and Bookforum contributor Kerry Howley, whose new essay on Dwight MacDonald was named the Best 2,500-Word Seminar.

The London School of Economics advises academics on how to use Twitter.