Lewis Hyde, John D'Agata, D.A. Powell, Jonathan Lethem, Elif Batuman, Fiona Maazel, James Wolcott, David Bezmozgis, John D'Agata, Sara Marcus, Meghan O'Rourke, Luc Sante, David Rakoff, Rebecca Solnit and Jeff Sharlet: a small selection of the writers who have signed a letter in support of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Alan Hollinghurst

Was one of the nominees for the National Book Award in the Young Adult literature category a mistake?

Teju Cole brings a “literary horsepower to his tweets that’s a little hard to tease apart with conventional critical methods. For one, his fait divers — which he also calls “small fates” — often deploy an elusive irony or the logic-dazing bluntness of a Zen koan,” Matt Pearce writes at The New Inquiry.

What happened to all the sex in Alan Hollinghurst novels?

The New York Times runs a hard-hitting review of their executive editor’s new book about puppies: Jill Abramson “is a powerful journalist few would dream of discounting,” the Times’ John Grogan writes, “And yet, when it comes to her dogs, she pleads guilty to being a hopeless pushover.”

A newspaper software architect explains what’s so terrible about word clouds.