Karen Russell, author of Swamplandia!

With a little help from their friends at Random House, Politico is launching an online bookstore that will carry a curated selection of books on politics, history, current events and biography.

HBO is adapting Karen Russell’s Florida-set novel Swamplandia! into a miniseries.

Here’s a 21-minute video of Michael Winslow recounting the history of the typewriter—by imitating the evolution of their sounds.

Simon & Schuster’s author portal now lets its writers see their all their sales data, broken down by format.

Now that his journals are out, read Spalding Gray’s 1986 interview with BOMB.

Apple’s new virtual newsstand—an app that lets iPad and iPhone users store their digital publications—has led to a big spike in magazine downloads. Since Newsstand launched last week, the New York Times and National Geographic apps have jumped to the top of "most downloaded" lists, and The Spectator and Le Monde Diplomatique have also enjoyed big jumps, as has The Daily. “So what is Newsstand’s secret weapon, its viral ingredient?” Ponyter ventures a guess: “It is, I think, the shelves.”