Chinua Achebe

Jeffrey Eugenides's vest (you know, the one on the Times Square billboard) now has its own Twitter account.

Roland Emmerich's new film Anonymous promises to irritate English professors everywhere by suggesting that Shakespeare wasn't really Shakespeare.

Forbes magazine names Chinua Achebe "Africa's most influential celebrity."

The New Yorker excerpts part of It Chooses You, Miranda July's forthcoming book about "adventures" she's had with strangers met through local classified ads.

Underworked scientists prove that there are relatively few health risks associated with reading on the toilet.

From the LRB archives, Richard Sennett explains how his interest in sexuality and solitude overlaps and varies from Michel Foucault's.

And because it's a slow literary news day, here's a short round-up of recommended reading: Frank Rich reads the Occupy Wall Street movement as the beginning of class warfare; an 1859 article from the Atlantic asks if women should learn the alphabet.