St. Mark's Bookshop

Despite the exhortations of marquee writers and the Cooper Union community, the St. Mark’s Bookshop in New York will not get the rent break it had been petitioning for, Publishers Weekly reports. "They'd like to rent the space for twice what we're paying," said St. Mark’s co-owner Bob Contant. "They're going to have to answer to the community for the decision they made. We're extremely disappointed."

‘Twitterologists’ claim that the microblogging service can gauge the ebbs and flows of global moods; Maud Newton parses Twitter regional slang.

Books They Gave Me: A (Tim O’Brien inspired?) Tumblr dedicated to literary relics of past lovers.

“In the American dream, a man enters the wilderness to fashion a home for his family out of the abundant raw materials of the continent. The Canadian dream is much more lonely and rough. A man goes into the backcountry and becomes wild”: Stephen Marche explains the Canadian obsession with hockey.

At New York Magazine, Emily Nussbaum assesses how the internet has changed the conversation surrounding feminism.