A rally at UC Davis

The UC Davis English Department has backed a statement calling for the chancellor’s resignation after last week’s pepper spraying and for "a policy that will end the practice of forcibly removing non-violent student, faculty, staff, and community protesters by police on the UC Davis campus."

A new issue of the Paris Review is out, featuring interviews with Jeff Eugenides and Alan Hollinghurst, and fiction by Clarence Lispector, Roberto Bolaņo, and Adam Wilson, among other goodies.

Despite the presence of Bookforum’s corporate headquarters, New York doesn’t even break the top ten in National Geographic’s list of the ten most literary cities.

Errol Morris (who is currently filming a movie about the JFK assassination) talks with Stephen King (who just released a novel about the JFK assassination). For more on Morris (and another meeting of the minds), see the Millions’ “Battle of the Heavyweights: Errol Morris vs. Susan Sontag.”

Speaking of battles, at an event organized by Melville House called “Not-the-Booker,” members of the audience wondered if print reviews were becoming too “bland” to compete with the more “creative” and “controversial” books coverage found in blogs.