The mysteriously successful Kindle Fire.

With the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible and the international success of Steig Larsson, the Guardian declares 2011 the “year of the translator,” and postulates that we’re closer than ever before to embarking upon a universal language.

Katie Roiphe looks for examples of "how to live"—Sarah Bakewell style—from the syllabi of David Foster Wallace.

According to Amazon, Kindle sales have quadrupled this year over last... but since the company won’t release any numbers, there’s no way of knowing how many were sold.

In other publications: Cartoonist Daniel Clowes makes (or more precisely, draws) the cover of the New Yorker; and The Nation’s Fall Books issue is out, with pieces by William Deresiewicz, Vivian Gornick, and Jennifer Szalai.

Both parts of PBS’s Woody Allen documentary are now available to watch online.