James Salter

After participating in the 1999 Seattle World Trade Organization protests, one demonstrator decided take a job in an Amazon warehouse—and attempted to unionize the company.

For years, presidential candidate Ron Paul sent out newsletters that offered political and financial advice, but “also routinely indulged in bigotry,” as the New Republic writes in a round-up Ron Paul’s most incendiary bulletins.

Amazon has pushed back the launch date of its Japanese e-book site after local publishers refused to agree to the company’s terms.

At the Paris Review Daily, Alexander Chee reflects on sex and the novels of James Salter: “‘A tour-de-force of erotic realism’ the Times reviewer said on the back cover. All right then, I said to myself, and took the book home.”

At the Daily Beast, former Simon & Schuster editor Michael Korda acknowledges that most Hollywood memoirs are pretty terrible.

At Foreign Policy, images from Kim Jong-Il’s funeral.