Deirdre Foley-Mendelssohn

Reading the debates over Mike Daisey’s deviations from the facts onThis American Life, do you ever get the sense that we’ve been here before?

Harper’s has hired Deirdre Foley-Mendelssohn as their new senior reviews editor. Foley-Mendelssohn, who currently works at the Paris Review, comes to Harper’s via The New Yorker and The New York Review of Books.

Have you ever wondered how top-shelf chefs manage to run their restaurants and find time to publish cookbooks and memoirs? Simple: They use “food ghosts” and “writer-cooks.”

At the NYRB, Bookforum contributor Eric Banks weighs in on the New Museum triennial: “From a title like ‘The Ungovernables,’ one might further expect a willfully chaotic installation. In fact, the work on view finds an admirable coherence as an exhibition, with various other threads connecting disparate art in a range of media. The Triennial is a tidy, clean, professional-looking affair, much less rowdy than the average international biennial, and despite an admirable number of far-flung return addresses, much of it seems almost domesticated by the rigid floor plan of the New Museum itself.”

Reddit has added a new section for literary videos, which includes poetry videos, short story videos, live readings, spoken work performance videos, animated storytelling videos, documentaries about writers, book trailers, author interviews, and anything else involving the written word.

The brief reopening of the OWS Library in Zucotti Park.