David Byrne

Here's an interview with Lauren Cerand, identified by the Rumpus, Flavorwire, and The Millions as a “need-to-know freelance literary publicist.

In a tell-all that will be published this week, Joyce Johnson, one of Jack Kerouac’s exes, reminisces about what it was like to date the famously drunk, famously prolific author of On the Road. Among the juicier details to emerge from the book is that, contrary to Kerouac’s claim that he wrote On the Road in a “blast of energy during three weeks in 1951,” the writer actually spent years working on and revising the novel.

Salon excerpts David Byrne’s How Music Works, which Simon Reynolds reviewed in our Fall issue. As Reynolds writes, “Byrne’s book tells a version of the musical life that is deliberately less dramatic and heroic that first person accounts by musicians usually are. . . . Overall, Byrne’s clear and calm approach serves him well.”

Here is a slideshow of famous writers in their undies.

“You cannot tell from a man’s demeanor how much chutzpah he may have,” Kathryn Schulz writes of novelist Michael Chabon in New York magazine, positing that Chabon may be the ideal writer for the age of Obama.