Brian Evenson

Leon Wieseltier, the New Republic’s literary editor, is one of the winners of this year’s Dan David Prize, an award given to people who have made “contributions to humanity.” He will split the award’s $1 million with his fellow winner, the French philosopher Michel Serres.

n+1 has posted a NSFW poem by Valery Nugatov titled “Love. Of Art.”

Jonah Lehrer received $20,000 from the Knight Foundation to give a talk yesterday on plagiarism, a topic with which he is familiar. Slate’s Daniel Engber said the speech “broke nearly every rule of propriety and good taste,” and suggests that Lehrer hasn’t learned his lesson from the scandal that cost him his staff position at the New Yorker. What’s more, even the Knight Foundation regrets having invited the former New Yorker writer to speak at its conference.

On Valentine’s Day, Electric Literature published its first novel, Sam Pink’s Rontel, which is among other things a “love letter to Chicago.” Anyone who bought the book on the February 14 received a temporary phone number for the author. “Text Sam,” the publishers say, “and he’ll sext you back.”

Brian Evenson, the author of avant-horror classics such The Open Curtain, has co-authored a book with Rob Zombie, The Lords of Salem.