Chris Hayes

After publicly supporting GOProud, a group of gay Republicans, the liberal MSNBC host and author Chris Hayes has found some unlikely allies, including Daniel Foster of the conservative magazine National Review. “Though I don’t agree with Hayes on much,” Foster writes, “he’s right on this one.”

“It did not feel like Seth MacFarlane was hosting the entertainment world’s most prestigious event, but an Oscar party for his bros in his parents’ basement.” Elissa Schappell, author of the story collection Blueprints for Better Girls, was not amused by the “vile jokes” of the 85th annual Oscars. (Speaking of offensive jokes and the Oscars, the Onion has officially apologized for a Tweet about Quvenzhane Wallis.)

We highly recommend Sean Manning’s new Talking Covers, a surprisingly engaging blog in which authors and designers discuss book-jacket art.

At the NRYB Blog, Colm Toibin ponders the spectre haunting a new exhibition celebrating the 100th anniversary of Swann’s Way: Proust’s mother.

“I do like [Marguerite Duras] very much. I didn’t like the woman—she was impossible. But she was an extraordinary writer.” The Paris Review has posted a thoughtful and entertaining interview with the novelist Marie Chaix.