Steve Coll

Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, New America Foundation head, and New Yorker staffer Steve Coll, whose latest book is Private Empire: ExxonMobil and Amercan Power, is replacing Nicholas Lehmann as the Dean of Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism.

Obama still has four years to go on his term, but Chicago and Hawaii have already been vetted as acceptable locations for a future Obama presidential library.

Harper’s has revived its dormant Folio section with an excerpt from spy novelist John le Carré's forthcoming novel, A Delicate Truth.

n+1 editor Keith Gessen shares his generally positive thoughts on Dave Eggers and the McSweeney's empire.

The Irish media is quibbling over what constitutes a “perfect bookstore.” Is it, as the Irish Times contends, one with a “certain tattiness, a lived-in, homely quality, with nooks and crannies to get lost in,” or is it, as the Dublin Review of Books claims, a store that has “the best stock and the most knowledgeable staff”?

The Brooklyn Public Library system may start taking its cues from New York City real estate developers: According to the New York Times, developers are eyeing the properties underneath two beautiful public libraries in Brooklyn (one in Brooklyn Heights, another in Prospect Heights) and the Public Library is seriously considering selling the branches to pay for repairs throughout the system.