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Dire days in Europe?

Last night at a McNally Jackson event, a woman explained to the critic James Wood that the character of Atticus Finch had always read as false and creepy to her, and that his emergence as a racist in Go Set a Watchman just shows Harper Lee only ever rewrote him in heroic, sentimental mode for commercial reasons: She’s apparently not the only one for whom a racist Atticus hasn’t come as much of a shock. Meanwhile, someone has gone so far as to give the novel the track-changes treatment, and show you where the text overlaps with To Kill a Mockingbird word for word. And for anyone now thoroughly sick of this story, the Onion has published what seems like a fitting coda.

Maybe you can print Wikipedia, but can you archive the whole of Twitter? Looks as if the Library of Congress jumped the gun on that one just a little bit.

It’s worth reading Jacobin’s long and involved interview with a member of Syriza’s central committee, if you want to understand what’s going on in Greece and what might happen next.

Just because Politico seems to be making it work in Europe, doesn’t mean anyone can: Newsweek is ditching its London-based print operation after fifteen months. On the other hand, you have to hope the French appreciated Gawker’s Bastille Day experiment yesterday.

Confirming that it really is all change over there, the new New Republic gives intersectionality its very own podcast, “Intersection” (starting July 28). Host and senior editor Jamil Smith says: “We’ve got to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time in our cultural conversations.”

It’s not just counting: VIDA is funding a fellowship to the Home School writing conference for poets next year in Miami, with applications due August 15—core faculty includes the delightful Maggie Nelson.