From Logos, Nancy Fraser (New School): Equality, Identity and Social Justice; Ian Williams on the long-lasting relationship between George Orwell and Dwight Macdonald; an article on the Quebec Strike and the politics of a new social awakening; Frank Kirkland on Susan Buck-Morss, Hegel, Haiti, and universal history; and Marston H. Morgan reviews Bloodlust: On the Roots of Violence from Cain and Abel to the Present by Russell Jacoby. City, Empire, Church, Nation: Pierre Manent on how the West created modernity (and more at National Review). Is nice nihilism enough? Russell Blackford reads The Atheist’s Guide to Reality by Alex Rosenberg. Buddhism or Buddhisms? Richard Payne on the rhetorical and lexical consequences of geo-political categories. The AP Stylebook is archaic: A manual that insists on “fund-raising” and “non-profit”, and only allowed “email” as opposed to “e-mail” months ago?