From the Bulletin of the History of Archaeology, Karin Westin Tikkanen (Gothenburg): The Consequences of Truth. Arrested development: America and Europe are relying on private firms in the global R&D race. How Ryan resurrected Ayn: How everyone’s favorite spouse-swapping, godless pulp novelist and dorm-room doyenne became the Tea Party’s new mascot. Tom Shoop remembers Neil Armstrong, civilian federal employee. From The Saturday Evening Post, why your great grandparents were a bunch of spoiled kids. The Long, Lawless Ride of Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Locking up the innocent, arresting his critics, racial profiling — meet America's meanest and most corrupt politician. As Washington’s intern hordes depart, they take with them the spoils of new experiences. This election season ProPublica has been collecting campaign emails for their Message Machine project.