Samantha Besson and Alain Zysset (Fribourg): Human Rights Theory and Human Rights History: A Tale of Two Odd Bedfellows. When politicians need sex ed: Don't be embarrassed, lawmakers — throw your sexual health questions into the gym teacher's "question box". Mic Wright on the success of Buzzfeed and why newspapers are struggling to adapt to the digital revolution. Joe Biden isn’t finished: The Paul Ryan selection shone a spotlight on the vice-president; he’s ready for it — no matter what just came out of his mouth. Emily M. Bass on Occupy Wall Street protester's petition to overturn court orders requiring Twitter to turn over Tweets, location data and other information. Time to cut it out: Is male circumcision a harmless ethnic signifier or the infliction of genuine harm on a child? The introduction to Archives of Authority: Empire, Culture, and the Cold War by Andrew N. Rubin.