From The Washington Monthly, here is their latest College Guide and Rankings, including Rachel Fishman and Robert Kelchen on America's Best-Bang-for-the-Buck Colleges. Emory University intentionally misreported student data to rankings magazines for more than a decade. Kim Sawyer on why university rankings are flawed. Why do colleges compete by becoming more expensive? Top 20 party schools, top 20 sober schools all sound equally horrible. Sarah Kendzior on how the plight of adjunct professors highlights the end of higher education as a means to prosperity. The collapsing business plan of American higher education: David Schultz on the rise and demise of neo-liberal university. Debra Leigh Scott on how the American university was killed, in five easy steps. The economic woes of public universities in the US present “a prime opportunity” for institutions with money to swoop in and snatch up staff. Barbarians in the Ivory Tower: America's for-profit colleges use students in their greedy quest for federal bucks — then leave them holding the debt. Stephen Burd on getting rid of the college loan repo man: As predatory debt collection agencies ruin the lives of more and more Americans, we are ignoring an easy and fair solution.