From The Awl, is Brooklyn better? Matthew J.X. Malady revisits New York’s "I Hate Brooklyn" article seven years later. From the New York Times’ T Magazine, Zadie Smith on the House That Hova Built: Shawn Carter, the rapper known as Jay-Z, has a piece of the Nets, a glamorous wife and a baby girl who melts his heart — Brooklyn, meet your once and future king. From The Brooklyn Rail, I was a Brooklyn Townie: “I’m from Brooklyn. I mean, I’m really from Brooklyn. I was actually born here.” The lifecycle of a “cool” neighborhood: Brooklyn presents us with a tough story to square, old and new, perpetual change — but it is an important case study. SoHo is so last century: These days, all the cool kids are partying in Sheepshead Bay. Facebook leads to fall of two Brooklyn gangs; "Very Crispy Gangsters" are crispy no more. Brooklyn finds out a Walmart is not coming anytime soon. Our band could be your band: Justin Moyer on how the Brooklynization of culture killed regional music scenes. The Brooklyn Book Festival will take place September 23, 2012 at the Brooklyn Borough Hall and Plaza. Wanna schmooz with your fave writer in Brooklyn? There’s an app for that.