A new issue of First Monday is out. Jason Mazzone (Illinois): Facebook's Afterlife. Why the social media revolution is about to get a little less awesome: Social media is about to get much more annoying, and it's all Facebook's fault (kinda). Do we know too much about our friends? Erin Ryan on Facebook, politics and the messiness of online debates. Frictionless sharing is simply a way of forcibly mobilising a user base, writes George Osborn — claims that it’s somehow useful or more natural are bunk. From Wired, Cade Metz profiles Eric Bewer, the man who’s rewiring Google from the inside out. Robert Epstein on the case for hawkish regulation: Regulatory agencies have been nipping at Google’s heels, but they need to go straight for the throat. Left alone by its owner, Reddit soars. Sara Morrison on building a community 140 characters at a time. Your tweet counts: The Internet is a never-ending election — policymakers should pay attention. Who and what are Anonymous? Carole Cadwalladr talks to some of the “hacktivists” and the experts who tracked them down in the deep web. The Grandma Party Hotline is the weirdest place on the Internet.