A new issue of Pacific Journalism Review is out. Lili Levi (Miami): Social Media and the Press. Self-regulation done right: How Scandinavia’s press councils keep the media accountable. A laurel to The Atlantic’s Garance Franke-Ruta, for calling on reporters to repeat the truth as often as needed, and showing how to do it. Alexandra Kimball on how to succeed in journalism when you can't afford an internship. Alec MacGillis on how the press fumbled the stimulus. Michelle Hutchinson on the immorality of the news. David Berreby on how we want good journalistic practices — we just don't want to pay for them. From the Vatican’s Zenit, journalists are given the chance to learn how to cover Catholicism. An exasperated plea to newspapers: More exciting headlines, please! Beverly Bell interviews Leslie Thatcher on the role of alternative media in protecting democracy. Welcome to the Golden Age of Fact-Checking: Greg Beato on what the Jonah Lehrer debacle reveals about the state of journalism today. Is asking inane questions the future of journalism? Paul Waldman spoofs Newsweek’s infamously sensational cover stories.