Andrew Clapham (Geneva Academy): The General Assembly. Benoit Frydman (ULB): A Pragmatic Approach to Global Law. Andre Luiz Siciliano (Sao Paulo): The Role of the Universalization of Human Rights and Migration in the Formation of a New Global Governance. Steven Colatrella (John Cabot): In Our Hands Is Placed a Power: Austerity, Worldwide Strike Wave, and the Crisis of Global Governance. Johan Karlsson Schaffer (Oslo): The Stability of a Cosmopolitan Political Order: Between Federalism and Functionalism. From Cadmus, John Scales Avery (Copenhagen): Federalism and Global Governance; James Ranney (Widener): World Peace Through Law: Rethinking an Old Theory; and John Burroughs (Rutgers): How Reliance on Nuclear Weapons Erodes and Distorts International Law and Global Order. George Dvorsky wonders. Erik Voeten reviews Governing the World: The History of an Idea by Mark Mazower. Should we be worried about global quasi-constitutionalization? Grahame Thompson investigates. From The American Interest, Adam Garfinkle on conservative principles of world order. Alex Kane on the 5 dumbest Right-wing conspiracy theories about the United Nations.