A new issue of Foreign Service Journal is out. Jeremy Waldron (NYU): Five to Four: Why Majorities Rule on Courts. Dermot Murnaghan interviews Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, on the media, old and new. Nobody wants to edit Wikipedia anymore: Wikipedia leaders and social science researchers documented a drastic decline in the retention of new editors over the last five years. Paradigms, after fifty years: For a book built on a narrative of, among other things, the history of our understanding of electricity, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, by Thomas Kuhn, has had a remarkable run. Until Americans start caring about other people’s dead kids — and their adults — kids and adults made dead by American weapons — we don’t have the right to mourn our own. Obama's Chief of Staff will be the most important appointment of his term: For many practical purposes, it is the White House operations boss — and not the vice president — who serves as the nation's deputy president. Austerity has brought tragedy to Greece and the UK — Martin McQuillan reflects on the narrative and ideology of “fiscal discipline” and what it means for both nations and their academies.