From DarkMatter, a special issue on Post-Racial Imaginaries, including Asha Best on post-racial ironies and counterfactual histories: a commentary on hipsters. From The Washington Monthly, a special issue on Race, History, and Obama's Second Term. Tom Jacobs on Obama's unwanted legacy: The renewed influence of “old-fashioned racism”. From New Politics, Dan La Botz interviews Cornel West on President Obama and the crisis of Black America; and Stephen Steinberg on race and counterrevolution. Black in America: It's not just about the color of your skin. Jennifer Vega reviews Racecraft: The Soul of Inequality in American Life by Karen E. Fields and Barbara J. Fields. Who is responsible for racial inequality? Joe Pettit wonders. What do we really know about racial inequality? Labor markets, politics, and the historical basis of black economic fortunes.