Diane Reyniers and Richa Bhalla (LSE): Reluctant Altruism and Peer Pressure in Charitable Giving. Against a narcotic culture whose primary desire is stupefaction: Andrea Scrima interviews Rainer J. Hanshe, founder of Contra Mundum Press. Steve Danziger reviews Anti-Judaism: The Western Tradition by David Nirenberg. From Geocurrents, Asya Pereltsvaig on the geography of the “onion” vocabulary. A failure of imagination: Hillary Kelly on why Bookish and other recommendation engines fall short. Will Self on the joy of armchair anthropology. Liam Jones interviews Anthony Paul Smith, author of Ecologies of Thought: Thinking Nature in Philosophy, Theology, and Ecology. Was that cheating? Research suggests perceptions vary by sex, attachment anxiety, and behavior. Mark Carrigan reviews Think Tanks in America by Thomas Medvetz.