James Lindgren (Northwestern): Redistribution and Racism, Tolerance and Capitalism. Terese Jonsson reviews White Bound: Nationalists, Antiracists, and the Shared Meanings of Race by Matthew W. Hughey. Peter Berkowitz on the flawed case tying conservatism to racism. An interview with David Cunningham, author of Klansville, U.S.A., on the rise and fall of the Civil Rights-Era Ku Klux Klan. From SLPC’s Intelligence Report, a special issue on The Year in Hate and Extremism 2012. Radical-right wing groups reach all time high: There are now more conspiracy-minded Patriot groups than at the height of the militia movement in the 1990s. Is racism worse in the South? Chuck Thompson investigates. From Vice, Matthew Francey interviews Harold Covington, a guy who wants to start his own Aryan country. Is America “a racist country”? Ian Reifowitz wonders. Ron Jacobs on Bob Dylan's biography of American racism.