Elizabeth L. Hillman (UC-Hastings): Outing the Costs of Civil Deference to the Military. Forgetting we’re at war: Wendy Christensen on the gap between U.S. civilians and the military. Fundamentalist forces: Rob Boston on a new report that highlights ongoing church-state problems in America's military. The frontlines of feminism: Is the end of the combat exclusion rule a win for all women? Wanted: PhDs who can win a bar fight — how to reform the Pentagon for “light footprint” interventions. Gabriella Blum on the new model Army: Tiny weapons that creep and crawl and think for themselves — this is our future. Military Moneyball: Everyone is applying the lessons from Michael Lewis's book — even U.S. forces. Ever wonder what a Navy SEAL has in his survival kit in case he finds himself stranded in enemy territory?